Cleaning and Service

Koi Pond Services

At Dickson Brothers, we offer a variety of services to take the hassle out of keeping your water garden or koi pond properly maintained. From regularly scheduled cleaning services to one-time cleanings to equipment repairs or replacement, we’ve got all your needs covered. Our adept, dependable maintenance technicians specialize in handling the hard work so you can spend your time enjoying your backyard, not laboring over it.

We offer the following Water Garden & Koi Pond services:

  • One time/emergency cleanings 
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Pond Evaluations
  • Pond school 
  • Filter cleanings
  • Water balancing
  • Equipment Repairs


Pond Water Testing: Is it necessary?

When a pond keeper calls with a fish issue, the first thing I ask is “Have you tested the water?”

The pond water is your fishes environment, rather like air is ours. In this article, Mary Traveland provides “Must Know” information
and “How To” tips for a healthy & happy fish pond. Read about the Nitrogen Cycle, Ammonia, Beneficial Bacteria, Nitrite & Nitrate, ph, Total Alkalinity, Filtration, and the normal parameters of a balanced fish or Koi pond.