Customer Stories

Dickson Brothers takes pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction, and we appreciate hearing about your experience with us. Please take a few minutes to browse through our customer reviews to see what some of our clients have said about their experience with Dickson Brothers.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help with my fountain repairs on September 21st.  Thank you for your kindness during a stressful situation during a stressful time.

Francisco and Leah did a really great job that day. They worked so hard and never took a break in the horrible heat.  Francisco talked me through all the problems that I had and helped me understand the mechanics of it.  They were both honest and sincere with their advice.  It is so refreshing to meet such nice people who are willing to do a hard day’s work.  I just wanted you to know that you have two great employees!!!

Because of you all I have a nice, pristine fountain again!

Susie A

Plano, TX

Great and knowledgeable company in the pool, pond, irrigation or anything to do with water.

Corey K.

Mesquite, TX

Surprisingly good pond store. Friendly knowledgable people too for what I needed.

Leza M.

Dallas, TX

The best of the best!!!!!! They know their pool business inside and out!!!! They will not try and oversell you.......hmmm, so I had to go back and get that questionable $100 part!!!!! We really appreciate you guys looking out for our best interest!!!!!

Sandra W.

Forney, TX

Huge showroom with beautiful pond displays. If you have  (or want) a koi pond, this is the place to come.  Their selection of koi is amazing with some huge, beautiful fish (small ones too), as well as a wide variety of lilies and other aquatic plants and statues and fountains.  Many of their employees have worked there forever (or so it seems) and they really know their stuff.  They happily help diagnose the problem you are having with your pool and recommend the parts and other products to fix it.  They will come out to your house to fix your pool pumps and determine what is wrong and fix it.

Or, you can bring your pump in and they will repair it in their shop.  They have saved me a lot of time and money by diagnosing the problem for me and selling me the parts I needed instead of me having to guess from YouTube videos or online articles, which can be so confusing.  I love going there to check out the new products and their advice has been invaluable!

Terry T.

Plano, TX

If I had to recommend a pool store, it would always be Dickson Bros!

Where I haven't had much luck with other stores, whoever I end up talking to at Dickson Bros. always seems to be knowledgeable and polite. I don't feel as if they're pushing things on me for sales, but rather suggesting things I might actually need or like. They take the time to carefully test my pool water and no matter the situation or condition of my pool they always seem to have the answer! In my first encounter with this store, I was having a particularly stubborn algae problem that summer that I just couldn't seem to get under control. I was personally helped by who I believe to be the owner himself. After following his instruction my water was clear and ready to swim in no time! If that isn't great customer service, I'm not sure what it is!

Danny O.

East Glen, Mesquite, TX

Great Store for all your Pond And Pool Needs. Ask for Steve. He was great and very knowledgeable! He walked me through every step. He is a Great Asset to the Business.

Darrin W.

Dallas, TX

I needed help setting up a rainwater collection system using 55-gallon barrels. Patrick was very helpful. He has extensive knowledge about pumps, drains, connections and all the other little bits and pieces to make it all work together

Brenda W.

This is hands-down THE BEST PLACE to buy pool and water pump supplies. They have absolutely everything and at some of the best prices. This is where a lot of pool builders and remodelers go to buy their supplies. They have everything down to the smallest parts and pieces for builds and repairs. They also have one of the most helpful and friendly staff. I love this place!

Jason R.

There is NO better place for pond supplies! Great people as well. They fixed a pump I thought was destined for the scrap heap and fixed it that day! The other place I took it had it for a week and claimed nothing was wrong. Big shout out to Alan and Tony!! You guys rock!!!

Tex M.

Dickson Brothers has the most pleasant and knowledgeable staff in the business, we drive 130 miles round trip to obtain our pool supplies. Their prices are reasonable and their personnel is very helpful in attending our needs. Highly recommendable.

Mario Q.

This place is about as good as it gets for pond supplies and pool supplies. The selection is nothing short of amazing. In the world that is losing market share to online retailers, they have maintained because of what they offer that you cannot get anywhere else and that is expertise and customer service. These folks are pros and they know what sets them apart is their expertise and they are willing to lend a hand and help you out.  Seriously no matter what your base knowledge walking in is these people can talk shop with you.

Kurt V.

Dallas, TX

They have everything you possibly need for any water feature you can imagine. They have very good service and need to order online just call them.

Torrance M.

Always have the things I need and prices are good

Alejandra G.

I know I can always count on Dickson brothers when I need parts to repair my pool. They have the hard to find parts I need usually every time! The staff goes above and beyond, letting me text them pictures to find out if they have it in stock before driving all the way there, etc. Even if I could get a better price, I'd still shop here for the service, and peace of mind.

The Branded Bunch

Service tech Anthony was very good, came in a timely manner did repairs quickly, the price was fair.

Bobby G.

Great place, very helpful. The guy Steve who helped us very knowledgeable and helpful in many different areas we will be back for all our needs. Thanks, Steve for everything

James G.

Freaking out over the pump in my koi pond dying and worrying that my koi wouldn't be far behind, I called Dickson Bros. the minute they opened.  At 8 am.  They got me on the schedule for that day and kept me apprised of where I was in the queue.  The guy showed up, prepared for a range of solutions.  Fortunately, the solution was one of the easiest.  

I know who I'll be calling the next time I have an issue with the pond!

Carolyn A.

Dallas, TX

Hands down some of the most knowledgeable staff around! Helped me pick out the best products for exactly what I wanted to achieve!

Shannon B.

These people are hands down the best professionals in the state of Texas. Expert advice on how to take care of or fix pond, pool, water well, irrigation, and just about anything to do with water. If there's anything you need, these guys can get it or do it.

Vaughn V.

Great Pond Store. Excellent stock and replacement parts, pump and motor service. Service priced very competitively.

Alan O.

Expert help with ponds and pond supplies. They're happy to answer questions and educate and will try to save you money instead of talking you into buying unnecessary equipment. These are the good guys.

Lynn B.