Pool Renovation

Pool Renovation

Is the pool you have no longer the pool you want? Do you feel like its best days are in the past? Have you resigned yourself to depression every time you walk outside? Then we at Dickson Brothers would say, “Prepare to be amazed!” Homeowners are continually surprised to learn of all of the things that can be done with an old, tired, or uninspired pool and spa!

Revolutionary Remodels

Have you always felt those steps should be in a different place? Wished your pool was a few feet wider, deeper, or another shape altogether? How would you like to add an inviting spa to soak sore muscles at the end of a long day? Or kid-friendly amenities like the new breed of slides, hidden grottos, or swim-up bars to make your kids’ house the neighborhood hang-out spot? Remodels like these can breathe new life into your outdoors and totally revolutionize the enjoyment you get out of your investment. We can help you make your pool suit your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Remarkable Renovations

Perhaps your pool is functional enough but stuck in the slump of a bygone decade. Upgraded tile, coping, plaster and decking can make all of the difference in the world to bring a pool and spa into the new millennium. Likewise, adding LED lighting, water features or bold new fire accents really amps up the drama and creates atmosphere! Be sure to address leaks around pool or equipment, cracks in the plaster and missing or broken tile, coping or decking as soon as possible. Not only are these issues unsightly, but they can be putting you, your family and your home at unnecessary risk. Also, ask the experts at Dickson Brothers about the exciting new innovations in plaster alternatives, and energy-efficient pumps, heaters and cleaning systems that could save you real money!