FIBER CLEAR – 9 oz Filter Media




  • Replaces Diatomaceous Earth in Your D.E. Filter
  • Provides Superior Water Clarity
  • Filters Particles Down to 2 Microns (Diatomaceous Earth filters down to 4 microns)
  • Is Environmentally Safe and Non-Toxic
  • Keeps Your Pool Sparkling Clear – Giving the Water a “Polished” Look
  • Backwashes Easier and Quicker than Diatomaceous Earth
  • Saves Water and Chemicals
Fiber Clear is an environmentally-safe alternative to Diatomaceous Earth for use in D.E. pool filters. Made from hardwood cellulose fiber, It’s much more efficient than D.E., provides superior water clarity and, most importantly, its use entails none of the respiratory health risks associated with D.E.
Fiber Clear is completely organic and non-toxic. It filters out pool particles as tiny as 2 microns, far more effective than D.E., and allows the filter to be backwashed much more easily. Its higher-quality filtering also helps conserve water and chemicals, such as conditioner and chlorine.
And just a little Fiber Clear goes a long way. It’s about eight times denser than D.E., meaning a single scoop is equal to a half-pound of Diatomaceous Earth. Included in each bag is a 16 oz. beverage cup, measured by volume. Instructions on the back of each bag indicate the proper amount of Fiber Clear to use in your filter, based on the square feet of filtration area, and how to complete the conversion from D.E.
Fiber Clear beats Diatomaceous Earth in every aspect possible. It’s cleaner, safer, easier and less expensive.
Banish dangerous D.E. and replace with a winning blend of Fiber Clear. Fiber Clear is a pure cellulose filtration media. This is a natural, organic hardwood based material that is extremely fine and made to filter pool water to incredible levels of clarity.

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