poolife® NST TABLETS – 10lb BUCKET

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Poolife NST is a non stabilized chlorine tablet that does not contain cyanuric acid. These long lasting tablets are designed to work in your skimmer basket and will continuously sanitize your pool for up to one week. This tablet is compatible with chlorine, salt generators, ozone and mineral systems.

Poolife® NST® System

The NST® System includes everything you need to oxidize, sanitize and remove algae from your pool. The NST® Prime Sanitizer uses our proprietary slow-dissolving Cal Hypo technology, which clarifies without adding any Cyanuric Acid (CYA) to your pool water. That means it eliminates bacteria, contaminants and algae without overstabilizing for sparkling clear water that’s ready for fun, all summer long.

Poolife® NST® Prime Tablets
Poolife® NST® Purify
Poolife® NST® Patrol

How to use:

Step 1: Sanitize pool water with Poolife® NST® Prime Tablets.

Step 2: Shock pool water weekly with Poolife® NST® Purify.

Step 3: Kill and prevent algae with Poolife® NST® Patrol.

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