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Improve Water Quality & add Beauty to any Fountain or Lake
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Whether you are looking to add  a dramatic centerpiece, architectural accents or the excitement of moving water,

the right water feature will influence the ambiance of your entire backyard environment.  

For many, including a water feature can be the coup de grace in designing the ultimate paradise.

Your choices are only limited by your imagination and personal tastes.

Improve Water Quality & Provide a Healthy Eco System

by adding a beautiful pattern to a Pond or Lake.

The beauty & benefits of a Floating Fountain include:

  • Elimination of Thermal Stratification

  • Elimination of low oxygen related fish kills

  • Expansion of usable oxygen levels stimulate aerobic digestion, reducing nutrient levels associated with algae growth

  • Reduction of sludge & organic sediment

  • Eliminates foul odors

  • Reduces Mosquito & Midge Fly infestation

Floating Fountains