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Poolife RapidShock Treatment

by Poolife
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Description & Key Features

Quickly brings chlorine levels into balance after heavy pool usage and after rain or windstorms. It works fast to rid the pool water of contaminants and keep it ready for a refreshing, clean swim.

  • After a good pool party—or a good rain or wind storm—contaminants can build up in your pool water
  • Poolife® Rapid Shock works fast to clear contaminants so your pool water is ready for your next clean, refreshing swim
  • Cal Hypo formula quickly brings chlorine levels into balance without adding additional cyanuric acid (CYA)
  • Use Poolife® Rapid Shock to shock treat your pool water once a week—no need to pre-mix
  • For best results, test and balance your pool water then follow the easy step-by-step, on-pack instructions to shock treat
  • Active ingredient: 68% Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo)

Available size(s): 2 x 12 x 1 lb., 1 lb. & 5 lbs.