Rhonda B

I’ve purchased pool chemicals from Dickson Bros. in the past, but I had never used any of their services. I had never bought any equipment from them either. Then came the Texas winter storm of 2021. It caused the majority of my pool equipment to crack and break. I had tried to use another local big name pool store to do some repairs in the past and was extremely disappointed, so I thought I would give Dickson Brothers a chance.

From the first time that I went into the store to speak with them about new equipment, I was very impressed with the level of knowledge that Travis had regarding the pool equipment and every aspect of each product. He explained that in order to have my pool looking it’s absolute best, having my water as healthy as possible with the least amount of physical labor from myself, that I should get some equipment that would cost me a little bit more up front, but that over the long run, the equipment would pay for itself with the money I would save on electricity and chemicals. He was absolutely right. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I’m already using about 80% less chlorine than I did before.

Joe was the technician who came out to install the new equipment. He was on time, and got right to work. I tried to clean up some mess I had left behind after draining the swamp that my pool had turned into since my equipment had broken, but he could see how utterly exhausted I was, and he told me just to go in and get some rest and he would take care of everything. The heat index that day was almost 110°, but he worked like a mule to get everything installed that day for me. He went over every detail of how to use the new equipment, and was very patient with all of my questions. I did have to call a couple of times because I had forgotten how to do a couple of things. Joe and Travis both would return my calls or emails very quickly, and my questions were answered thoroughly.

My pool has NEVER looked as good as it does right now. The best part is that I barely have to do anything other than the weekly chemicals and brushing. Before using Dickson Brothers, it would take me hours every week to work on the pool and then I’d be miserable from the pain afterwards, and it never looked nearly as clean and clear as it does now.

Dickson Brothers has earned a life-long customer in me because of their honesty, their hard work and integrity. You don’t see that in companies very often anymore. It’s nice to know that I can go to Dickson Brothers for anything related to my pool and I know that I’m gonna be treated as though I was family.