Terry T.

Huge showroom with beautiful pond displays. If you have  (or want) a koi pond, this is the place to come.  Their selection of koi is amazing with some huge, beautiful fish (small ones too), as well as a wide variety of lilies and other aquatic plants and statues and fountains.  Many of their employees have worked there forever (or so it seems) and they really know their stuff.  They happily help diagnose the problem you are having with your pool and recommend the parts and other products to fix it.  They will come out to your house to fix your pool pumps and determine what is wrong and fix it.

Or, you can bring your pump in and they will repair it in their shop.  They have saved me a lot of time and money by diagnosing the problem for me and selling me the parts I needed instead of me having to guess from YouTube videos or online articles, which can be so confusing.  I love going there to check out the new products and their advice has been invaluable!

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