Improve Water Quality & provide a Healthy Eco System with a pleasing aesthetic by adding a beautiful fountain pattern to a pond or lake.

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Dickson Brothers, Inc. Mesquite Texas is Family Owned and Operated 

with a commitment to solving the challenges of our customers.

We have provided Equipment, Supplies and Service since 1973.

Visit our 20,000 square foot showroom in Mesquite Texas.

Our line of pool accessories will help make your pool more enjoyable.  We stock major brands of pool products.  

​​​Supplies, Chemicals, Equipment and Services for all your Water Feature needs!​

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​ Working With Water Since 1973
Dickson Brothers, Inc., Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies, Mesquite, TX

We provide Service, Supplies & Equipment to Existing Water Wells by Licensed Technicians.

We have the equipment, supplies & even Koi Fish, Aquatic Plants & Water Lilies to make your dream pond become a reality.

​​Our Commitment to You

​​swimming pool filters, pool chemicals, water fountain pumps, floating fountains, aquatic plants, koi fish, water lilies & more...

We're committed to providing you with the highest level of service. To do this, we've made it our mission to continually educate our staff & service technicians.

We also work to make our customers' lives easier by continually expanding our products and services.  Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your pool, spa & water feature needs.

Whether you own a full size swimming pool, ​water garden or small Koi pond, we provide the knowledge, products and services to keep it in shape.  If you can't come to us for products, give us a call and we'll ship them to you.

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Send us a message below with your request at any time and we will contact you the following business day!

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