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Pool Algaecides

Algae is no fun. But destroying it is.

Simply put, algae messes with the good looks of your pool. It causes cloudy, discolored water and even unpleasant odors around your pool. Poolife® to the rescue! Explore our extensive range of algaecides that rid your pool water of existing algae and prevent future blooms. Most of these products are non-foaming, do not require pH adjustment before use and work in just 24 hours.

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Pool Algaecide

Don’t let algae throw a party in your pool. Keep your water crystal clear and ready for swimmers with proper algae treatments from Poolife™!

Using Algaecide in Pool Maintenance

Algae can creep into the pool when the water gets out of balance or when there’s poor water circulation. The good news is that you can quickly destroy and even proactively prevent algae with pool algaecide!


Since algaecides support regular pool sanitation practices, you should add them weekly. Pool algaecide is also recommended after each shock treatment.


Algaecide for pools can be used to treat algae that bloom in the pool. You must balance the pH before beginning treatment with some pool algaecide products. However, Poolife is a trusted brand that does not require pH adjustments before use. When using pool algaecide, it is recommended to brush the pool sides and bottom before treatment and then vacuum the pool following treatment.

Algaecide Safety Practices

Algaecide for pools should not come into contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. It’s best to wear gloves when cleaning the algae and applying the pool algaecide. After the algaecide treatment, wash any areas that may have encountered the algaecide.

Poolife to the Rescue

Algae can add a green hue to the pool water, cause an odor, and even create a slimy feeling. So, if you notice these signs, act fast. The good news is Poolife is a trusted pool algaecide that works in just 24 hours. In fact, some products work immediately. And, since most Poolife products are non-foaming, they’re even safer to use.

Preferred Pool Algaecide Products

Poolife NST Patrol is a low-dosing formula that controls and prevents algae.

Poolife Defend+ is a unique algaecide for pools that both treats and defends with weekly use.

Poolife Super AlgaeBomb 60 Algaecide is the strongest, non-copper pool algaecide and is ideal for winterizing pools.

Poolife Algaecide 90 Algaecide kills algaecide quickly and prevents new growth for up to 90 days.

Poolife AlgaeKill II kills algae quickly and lets you return to swimming immediately.

Poolife AlgaePhos Algaecide prevents algae growth and reduces phosphate levels for better overall pool maintenance.

Goodbye, Algae. Hello Poolife.

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