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Family Owned and Operated Since 1973!
Family Owned and Operated Since 1973!
Poolife™ MPT Extra™ System

Poolife™ MPT Extra™ System

When it comes to care-free pool water maintenance, this 3-step system is the GOAT. The Poolife® MPT Extra™ system includes our proprietary and patented 4-in-1 Poolife® MPT Extra™ chlorinating tablets, which chlorinate, clarify, prevent algae and soften pool water—all in one, single tablet. Poolife® MPT Extra™ is compatible with floaters, skimmers and feeders.

System includes:
Poolife® MPT Extra™ Chlorinating Tablets for sanitizing and clarifying

Poolife® TurboShock® for shock treating

Poolife® Defend+® Algaecide for preventing green, black and mustard algae

  • Everything you need to sanitize, shock treat and control algae in one convenient system
  • Simple 3-step process means you can get crystal clear water and more pool time back in your life
  • Sanitize with MPT Extra™ Chlorinating Tablets, shock treat weekly with TurboShock® and prevent green, black and yellow algae while clarifying pool water with Defend+® Algaecide
  • Poolife® TurboShock is the strongest Cal Hypo shock product in the industry—it dissolves quickly and completely to combat algae and bacteria without overstabilizing
  • Compatible with floaters, skimmers and feeders
  • Poolife® systems are quick, convenient and easy-to-use so you can live your best pool life
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