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Family Owned and Operated Since 1973!
Texas-Sized Tips: Early Summer Pond Care for a Sparkling Season

Texas-Sized Tips: Early Summer Pond Care for a Sparkling Season

While you might be diving for cool relief, your pond needs some TLC to thrive through the hot months ahead. At Dickson Brothers, we're here to help you keep your pond sparkling and healthy with our early summer pond care guide.

Beat the Heat, Boost the Oxygen:

    • Aeration is Key: As summer sun intensifies, water temperatures rise. This decrease dissolved oxygen levels, crucial for fish and healthy pond ecosystems. Consider adding a bottom-aerator to circulate oxygen throughout the pond, not just the surface.

    • Partial Shade is Your Friend: Texas sunshine can be relentless. Planting shade-loving water lilies or installing shade structures over part of your pond helps keep the water cooler and reduces algae growth.

Pond Plant Power:

    • Maintain the Balance: Aquatic plants are essential for a healthy pond, but too much can be problematic. Aim for 60-70% surface coverage with a variety of plants. Regularly remove excess vegetation to prevent nutrient imbalances and oxygen depletion.

    • Target Algae Growth: Early summer is prime time for algae blooms. Use natural solutions like barley straw bales or add beneficial bacteria to combat algae growth before it takes over.

Keeping it Clean and Clear:

    • Skimming the Surface: Debris like leaves and twigs can decompose and pollute your pond. Regularly skim the surface with a net to remove debris and prevent the buildup of harmful organic matter.

    • Water Chemistry Check-Up: Test your pond's water chemistry regularly, especially during the hot summer months. Monitor pH levels, ammonia, and nitrites, and adjust accordingly using pond-safe products.

Bonus Tip: Texas summer thunderstorms can cause pond turnover, mixing up water layers and potentially causing oxygen depletion. Monitor your pond closely after heavy rain and consider additional aeration if needed.

By following these early summer maintenance tips, you can ensure your Texas pond stays sparkling, healthy, and a cool refuge for you and your local wildlife throughout the hot season.

Dickson Brothers: Your Pond Care Partner

Want to learn more about pond maintenance or upgrade your pond features? Contact Dickson Brothers today! Our team of experts can answer your questions, help you create a customized pond care plan, and provide the supplies you need to keep your pond thriving all summer long.

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