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Family Owned and Operated Since 1973!
Family Owned and Operated Since 1973!

TenJam - Rad Pad - Portable Cushion - Light Blue

by TenJam
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Description & Key Features

What makes the SPLASH Series Rad Pad truly exceptional is the innovative use of high-quality cushioning, comprised of the same material found in the cushioned soles of athletic shoes. Tenjam utilizes this remarkably soft material for the top cushions of the highly sought-after SPLASH Series Twisted Hex stools, and with the aim of portability and comfort, they put their rad-ical minds to work and created the ingenious SPLASH Series Rad Pad!

The SPLASH Series Rad Pad shines in various settings. In schools and daycares, it becomes the go-to floor and seat pad for easy cleaning and disinfection. Available in 3 colors (Anthracite Grey, Light Blue, and Violet) the Rad Pad’s lightweight design makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor learning environments, providing students with a comfortable and fun seating solution.

At home, the Rad Pad becomes a versatile companion. Whether you're lounging by the pool and need a cushioned floor pad or are seeking extra comfort on a hard chair or seat surface, Rad Pad delivers. Acting as a protective barrier, insulating you from hot, cold, or dirty seating surfaces, The Rad Pad provides a soft seating solution no matter where you are!

Say hello to the SPLASH Series Rad Pad

  • Portable cushion that’s waterproof, weatherproof, and totally Rad!
  • We set out to create the ultimate floor and seat pad that is durable, easy to clean and most importantly, offers some much needed, cush for your tush!