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Pool Balancing Chemicals

Tackle imbalances—fast!

Poolife® balancers are ready and waiting to combat common pool imbalances in your pool water.
They dive right in and work quickly and effectively so that you enjoy the pleasure of picture-perfect pool water throughout the season.

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Pool Balancing Chemicals
Pool balancing chemicals are essential for keeping your pool safe. They perform multiple functions, such as adjusting your pool’s pH, calcium, and alkalinity levels. They are also crucial for preventing the growth of bacteria and algae.

With Poolife’s™ revolutionary range of pool balancing chemicals, you can fight common pool imbalances and ensure your pool is clean to swim in. These pool-balancing chemicals come in various formulas to solve your specific pool needs.

Poolife™ Calcium Plus prevents the corrosion of plastic, metals, and pool surfaces. This pool stabilizer immediately raises calcium hardness levels. It also reduces the chances of foaming that happens due to the presence of imbalanced chemicals.

Poolife™ Stabilizer & Conditioner raises the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) levels in the pool water to prevent chlorine loss. It works like a sunscreen for your chlorine. What you get is safe and sparkling water!

To keep your pool safe and clean, you need pool-balancing chemicals to raise the pH of your pool water. That’s precisely what Poolife™ pH Plus™ does. By keeping the pH levels between 7.2 and 7.6, this pool stabilizer prevents skin discomfort, eye irritation, and equipment corrosion.

What if you have to decrease the pool’s pH level? With Poolife™ pH Minus, you can lower your pool water’s pH and total alkalinity. This simple and effective solution makes sure that your sanitizer works effectively.

Raising the total alkalinity in your pool is also important. With Poolife™ Alkalinity Plus, you can effortlessly raise total alkalinity if it goes below 60 ppm. This helps you protect pool surfaces and equipment.

It’s important to regularly test your pool water and add the right pool balancing chemicals as needed. Find pool stabilizer products here or at our local retail store, and get ready to enjoy refreshing and safe swimming experiences throughout the pool season!