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Pool Shock & Pool Oxidizer Products

Shock the problems out of pool care

Shocks and oxidizers are an essential problem solver as well as great preventative medicine for your pool water.
They keep maintenance easy by killing bacteria, controlling algae and destroying organic contaminants for clear, clean and healthy water.

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Pool Shock & Pool Oxidizer Products
Keeping your pool clean and bacteria-free is essential for your and your family’s safety. Poolife™ offers a variety of pool shock and pool oxidizer products to help keep your pool sparkling clean!

With Poolife’s range of shock and oxidation products, you’ll have everything you need to keep your pool looking its best. A chlorine shock helps eliminate any contaminates or bacteria that may be present in the water. In contrast, an oxidizer helps with water clarity by removing organic contaminants that cloud the water.

What Is Pool Shock?
Pool shock is a pool chemical that breaks down contaminants like bacteria and algae. Poolife’s market-leading pool shock products use Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) to quickly and effectively break down contaminants while helping maintain chlorine levels in the pool.

Critical to keeping your pool water clean and crystal clear, Poolife’s Cal Hypo shock for pools will help you avoid cloudy, greenish water and keep your pool looking inviting for swimming.

What Is A Pool Oxidizer?
A pool oxidizer works by breaking down organics that cause murky pool water. Organics can include swimmer waste, lotion and oils, and natural debris from rain or plants. Poolife’s pool oxidizers quickly break down these organic contaminants, helping keep your pool water crystal clear.

Adding pool oxidizer to your weekly cleaning routine will help maintain water clarity while keeping the chlorine in your pool healthy.

Why Choose Poolife’s Products?
Poolife offers the strongest and most effective pool shock and oxidizer products on the market. Our Cal Hypo Shock for pools is specially designed to quickly break down contaminants, while our Non-Chlorine Oxidizer helps maintain water clarity without unbalancing your pool’s chlorine levels.

At Poolife, we care about safety and quality above all else. Our shock for pools are made with top-grade ingredients to ensure your pool water stays clean and clear, so you have a safe and inviting pool all season long.

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